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Welcome to the Twin Cities Connected Systems User Group. We are a non official user group that meets bi-monthly to discuss all things BizTalk.

The Twin Cities Connected Systems User Group sets out to build a community of developers and architects interested in Microsoft middle tier technologies to aid in the development of the members and evangelize these technologies within the Twin Cities.

The middle tier technologies covers products as well as patterns. The partial list of products that fall into our community include BizTalk, AppFabric, Azure, WCF, WF, and MSMQ.

The patterns typically cover Business to Business (B2B), Application to Application (A2A), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), EDI, Business Process Management (BPM), Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) and cloud computing.

We are currently not holding meetings. We are re-evaluating and revamping. We will post information here as well as send out e-mails to our community when we relaunch.